Sunday 31 May 2015

31st May 2015 - Band social at Cosmo's in Beverley (at last we get fed)!

This was a sort of a belated Christmas lunch because in the run up Christmas the band is always so busy and we just don't get the chance to get out. But as we have worked hard during the past year we think we deserve at least one good meal out! Nice to see Eddie back recovering from his op! And, glad we were using a fast enough camera to catch Ryan in between trips to the gents (think he had a really good night out last night though!).

Brendan did try to get in all of the photos but failed! A good meal and good company!

(for Holly)

19th April 2015 - Scouts celebrate St Georges Day at a cold and windswept Beverley Race course

After this one we have decided to include thermals as part of our uniform - was great to see all the scouts out doing there flag waving and we had some competition from the pipers - but it was cold!

8th April 2015 - Band room rehearsals

As we haven't taken and photos for a while we thought we would done our uniforms and take some at the band room - possibly a first? Although half the band were camera shy and din't turn up that night!

14th September 2014 - Hardraw 'Entertainment' Brass Band Contest

We took part for the second year running at Hardraw. The scenery and setting is wonderful as is the beer tent and despite the results was a good day out for the band!

Eddie working on his next solo!

Vic, Brendan and Heidi

17th August 2014 - Concert for Hornsea Lions

We normally play this concert out in the open in the Memorial Gardens at Hornsea but for once the weather wasn't with us and we had to retreat inside the United Reform Church instead. 

3rd August 2014 - Beverley World War I memorial event held at the Market Cross

Beverley WWI Memorial event held at the Market Cross. The Reading of the Names – All the names of the 439 Beverley men killed in the First World War were read out at noon followed by a pigeon release.

Some wonderful photographs here taken by Holly Wilkinson that captures the mood of the day.