Saturday, 19 October 2013

Friday, 18 October 2013

8th September 2013 - Hardraw Brass Band Festival

This is the bands first go at contesting for over 20 years. It won't be the last as the beer, company and scenery were all great! It was a lovely day out at Hardraw Scar (near Hawes). Oh and we played some music.

The programme - well worth 50p as we are in it!

The band registering at the big top

and again, and no this wasn't the beer tent

The band performing
Many thanks to Roger Walton for the photograph

Pete's solo -
Photograph by Roger Walton

Pete again - a popular guy
Photograph by 
Roger Walton

Now you see he is with the band
Photograph by 
Roger Walton

Team photo - thanks Holly Wilkinson

A short piece of video of the band playing Oregon
taken by 
Holly Wilkinson and starring 'The Dog'.
(You can just see Peter in the background waving his
arms around - the rest of the band are there too (honest))

Off to the waterfall - it's why we went

The waterfall - Hardraw Force

'aving a beer or three

King Kench holding court (just)

Listening from the hillside - the hills have ears

Spotted through the trees

This chap was amazing! And so was his band!

View from the best seat in the house - the acoustics were amazing up here!

The massed band playing at the end of the day

Steve flashing me flashing him

Pegs always come in handy at an outdoor venue -
they stop your hat blowing off

Could have gone for a nice walk in the country - maybe next time

Peter still managing to serve coffees on the bus on the way home - amazing!

7th September 2013 - Routh Garden Party

Back at this fantastic venue providing the band with a first hand experience of glamping!

18th August 2013 - Back at Hornsea Memorial Gardens

Yes we are back again at Hornsea - this time at the kind request of Hornsea Lions



A bit windy and Eddie our soloist needed a helping hand from Malcolm

Well you have to go and see the sea when you go to Hornsea!

3rd August 2013 - Little Weighton Summer Carnival

This is the band with air-conditioned tent camping it up at Little Weighton Summer Carnival