Monday, 3 December 2012

Beverley Food Festival 07/10/2012

Watch out for the shot of 'Saint Edwardus' and another of two cornet players 'chatting' ;-).
And what a gorgeous sunny day for it!

This is what happen's to conductors when they drink too much coke!
They turn into a Beaver!

 Couldn't fathom his conducting before ...but now...

So we're doing the next one in 7/9! OK then.

 Can't be concentrating on the music.

Someone takes great pains to write these parts then we go and mess them up!

The things you think of when you have four bars rest.

What did I tell you?

Peter Levey with Peter the Beaver

What the band gets up to in the interval to keep fit.

Get your croissants in 3D & HD